Hello, gamers. Have you ever played a dancing game before? If not, try one of the games I used to play, Highstreet 5. Many other dancing game online like World of Audition Online, Touch, Music Man, Super Dancer, and other games I play. You can play and have fun with many people around the world. Those games have a different server too. Some countries in Asia and others, provide each server.

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Highstreet 5 game is actually a game that I played a few years ago. But because I really miss it, I want to play it again now. I will tell you a bit about this game. This game is just like a virtual life.

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Like another MMORPG games, this game offers friendship between all player. The players of this game compete to play as well as possible while socializing with other players.


This game comes with features that are similar to real life. You have your own room, then you can hang out, have a partner, get married, follow fashion, have pets, fishing, shopping, buy expensive items such as motorcycles, cars, and resorts.

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For you who have enough money in your pocket, you can buy cash vouchers to buy premium items in the game. Some players have the prestige of displaying their characters as much as possible among their friends.

You can create your own or join other people’s groups.

In this game, there are many types of battle games. You can choose any type of battle you like.

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At the beginning of the game, you create your own character, a standard male or female character. There is an early tutorial when you first play this game. You can dance in this game rely on your fingers pressing the arrow keys in accordance with the beat of the song being played.

The sharpness and speed of your fingers pressing arrow keys, spacebar and numbers, can make your dance get a bigger score. There are various types of special styles (stuns), which you can buy either from the value your character possesses or by using points tamped with game vouchers with credit cards. A style which you purchased, can be styles to own, or couples dance.

The more often you dance, and the more often you go online, your leveling can go even faster. Level up is accompanied by the skill that you can set.I will give you a youtube video later, to show you some dance of mine in that game.

Come and join us here: HIGHSTREET5 ONLINE