If you gamers who do not like pirated games, this article will share written information, any game download sites you can use. So, the questions are, where can I get free downloadable games? In the following sites, you can download, get hundreds and even thousands of premium games, with free and legal among some other paid games.


I also often search computer games download from there several times a month. No need to play games that are pirated anymore if want to play PC games, because a bunch of choice of premium or commercial games that can be obtained for free is quite a lot. It really gives ease and pleasure for me. especially for my son.

Now, let’s just look at it, some free PC games download website that you can visit. There are so many games that I can download from those sites.


  1. STEAM
The ultimate entertainment platform. Play, connect, create and more. Install Steam today and start gaming!

This site I use most often to download some free and legal games. Occasionally I also buy a paid game. There are thousands of games to choose from within. Some game i play from steam; Banished (Strategy Games), Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, Minecarft story mode, and much more.

This site has rules applied to its members. If one day you get into trouble and they have to close your account, then your game will also be lost. This rule is the DRM of Steam.

Steam is the third party of several Publishers. Various categories of existing games can be tailored to your interests, what genre games you like, stay sought according to the category.

  1. itch.io
itch.io is an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games. It’s a platform that enables anyone to sell the content they’ve created.

This itch.io site I know when my son wants to download the game he wants to try. It turns out itch.io site also provides a lot of good indie games. Beyond the paid games provided, this site gives thousands of games that can be downloaded for free.

  1. GOG
The gaming Client designed for a convenient purchasing, playing and updating games, as well as an online play between gaming platforms, GOG Galaxy is also built with optionality in mind, and a belief that you should own the games you buy.

If you are a LINUX user, this game site is a great choice to find your favorite games. Many gamers are switching from Steam to this site because of DRM as described earlier. However, GOG still uses DRM, except DRM in GOG is free.

If at any time your account in GOG is closed, the games you have downloaded will not be lost, and can still be played.

  1. OnePlay
OnePlay is a leading digital gaming subscription service. They offer a digital subscription service, where users have access to download and play 2.000+ premium games for PC and Android devices.

This site is an alternative of other premium game downloads that you can visit. This site provides over 2000 games. On this site are also available games with several categories of games that can be selected, tailored to your system, windows, Mac, and Android. You are allowed to rent some games within a certain time.

Play great PC games and connect with your friends, all in one place.

The origin site is a large game provider site managed by EA. Gamers usually know EA from some of his famous games like The SIMS. Not as much on the sites mentioned earlier, ORIGIN only provides free games that are quite limited.

  1. UPlay
Uplay PC is Ubisoft’s PC games portal, where you can find all your games on PC.

The play is a special game download portal for your pc, made by Ubisoft. Some of Ubisoft’s famous games include Watch Dogs, Battlefield, The Divisions, and much more. There may be some Ubisoft’s games that you have played before, so you are familiar to hear this site. This site does not provide other games beyond their home page.

Before you can choose the games, you will be advised to download the Uplay app for the PC first.

  1. POGO
Pogo.com, a great place to play free online games, including puzzle games, word games, card games, and board games.

Before you can download some games on this site, you are required to register first. Free PC games are available there. Pogo provides in-game tournaments for fellow members. Some genres of games available include; puzzles, cards, boards, games, casinos, and more.

Free PC Gamers is a website focused on freeware, open source, completely legal PC games of all genres for download.

On this site available various genres of PC games that you can download for free. Games with realistic characters also become the leading games on the site. There is a special forum as a place to discuss the favorite games of its members. The game genre is presented quite broad and complete, so the choice of the game is also very wide.

Of the several sites mentioned above, not all that I have tried. I am trying to gather some information related to each of the sites listed.

The Wikipedia site also has a list of Games that are no longer freely distributed from some game development software.  In other words, there were some free downloadable games that no longer can be downloaded freely.