This page will tell you who I am and how do I start to playing games.

A few years ago, I was still actively playing some games online. There are 4 online games that are still very attached to my heart until now, Ragnarok (First Version), Perfect World (Early Version), Highstreet 5, Audition Online, Final Fantasy, and many more. Those are the games I always play for a long time when I was young.

In this page, I will not tell more about those games. Here, I just want to share, about how I know them, and what I get by playing those games.

When I was a teenager, still in college and work, boredom hit my life. Then after I went to my college every day, I was not busy doing any task, but I was happy to hang out with friends to go for a walk and hang out with friends.

After spending my time all day long, I always go to the internet cafe. Along with my frequent go to the cafe, I often see peoples around me, many of them are playing games.

At first, I was not interested. But then, I was curious and asked them, what game they played. At that time I did not have internet access at home because I live in a monthly rent room. But I’m truly a game lover.

Although I do not have any game console, I’ve been happy to play games on the computer. I do not have TV, radio, tape, and other entertainment electronic devices. But I am utilizing my computer, to meet all my entertainment needs. Only with computers, I can watch TV, listen to the radio, and play all my lovely games. On that computer, I can play PS 1. Which later in the couple next years, I can play PS 2 games on my computer by using an Emulator.

Back to my stories that often go to internet cafe. Looking at the screen of internet cafe users around me, it seems they are playing some of
Finally, I try the game they play. The game is a Ragnarok online game.

Next, I often play that game. I still go to college in the morning, during the day I’m a part-time worker, and I have a singing schedule at several cafes in my city. After my busy life day by day, I went straight to the internet cafe and played online games.

I only have a short time to go to sleep. Although I know very well, it is not very good for my health, but I still love to live my life like that. I truly enjoy it.
Until finally I was interested to try various other online games.

Even when I was proposed by my beloved, I had a request that he should buy me a set of computer, which truly capable to play the latest games and online game. One of the conditions of marrying me is that he does not forbid me to play online games after we married later. Strange, is not it? But it’s true. My lover agreed.

I promised to him, though I do not want to be discharged from playing games, I will always fulfill my responsibilities as a wife to take care of the household and my children later.

Thankfully, all things went smoothly as I expected. Once I get married, I still can play my online games. Although after giving birth to a child, I still can play, even though my playing time has been greatly reduced unlike when I was not married.

After having my first child, I move the bow, which usually uses the internet to always play online games, and then I start to blogging. Thanks to all gaming friends, I finally tried blogging. That’s where I started learning various kinds about blogging and its monetization. Start creating my own blogs, following various opportunities to earn income from my blogging activities. And finally, I have internet access at my home now, so I do not have to go to the internet cafe anymore.

From the online games that I play, I can make many new friends, friends in the online and offline world. I have so many friends of owners and customers of internet cafes. At the same time have new friends from the online games world.

Now, I already have two children. My activities are now much more in the blogging world. I have left my seriousness in the online game world. But I still play my online and offline games every day at my leisure times, but not too long like before.

Sometimes I play the game together with my oldest child. Because it seems, he also followed in my footsteps, enjoying online games. Even at the age of stepping on 7 years, he has often used English every day. And he can already use and learn about the script by following various tutorials on YouTube. He said, someday, he wants to make a game that can be played with me and all the people around the world.

Well, that’s a short story of mine, about how I started to love offline and online games.
And this blog I created as a place for share my experiences of any games I play and other interesting games to play.